McCulloch VS-57 "Variable Speed" Centrifugal Supercharger

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John Erb Rebuilt VS-57 Blower (I also have had Ted Harbit rebuild another one): Originally from a '57 Golden Hawk.  Notice the scroll housing has been rotated counterclockwise about 120 degrees to accommidate an R2-style Bonnet. The R2 AFB-style carb needed to be spaced up 1/2" for proper alignment. This was accomplished by using aluminum heat-disappating shields and gaskets. They can be purchased at most speed shops- for AFB carbs. With the rotation of the housing, the bolt heads no longer fit into the mounting bracket recesses- so they needed to be flush with the surface. I used Titanium Cap Screws- though I believe regular-grade bolts (3 or 5) are strong enough. The "long" bolts shown are for mounting the Blower to the bracket.

Below are (2) .PDF files (Adobe Acrobat Reader) containing scans of a 24 page brochure on the operation, description, installation, and troubleshooting for the VS-57 units.