Ray-Lin Restoration- Completed Projects:

*Note: the early pictures are scans of old photographs, I'm sorry the quality just isn't very good
(I'm still updating and will add pictures as I find them)


The car that started it all for Ray-Lin Restoration: My Father-in-Law let us pull a rusty 1962 GT Hawk from "over the hill", to use as a "winter beater" in 1981. The car we were using lost it's transmission and we didn't have the money to purchase another. (newlyweds you know...). It served us well that winter, and the next summer we moved to North Carolina. The '62 was the only vehicle we had that could pull a trailer (with all our worldly possessions!). I was able to squeak another year out of her before the tin-worms couldn't be held at bay anymore.


I purchased this 1961 Hawk body and frame in 1983 from a friend in the NC Studebaker Drivers Club. It was his "parts car" just in case he ever wrecked his '61 Hawk. He felt sorry for me and my extremely rusty 1962 GT Hawk and allowed me to buy it to replace the body of the GT.At the time, I was living in an apartment, and had no place to work on the car. I was able to sandblast the minimal surface rust, do a quick patch of the trunk-floor, and swap the GT's drivetrain, dash, and interior into this car at the shop where I worked (contractor). It was done on weekends- and I had to drive the car that way. I was able to get it dependable enough to drive it to the 1984 SDC International Meet in Florida.

After buying a house (with a 2-car garage/basement) in 1985, this car was completely disassembled and rebuilt in my basement and backyard. This was my first Body-Off rebuild. I don't use the term "restoration" for cars that are modified from stock- as this one certainly was.

Just a note: This photo of the painted body shell, and rolling chassis (above) is just 26 days before the 1988 International Meet in South Bend. In that time, we were able to mount the body, install the interior, dash, wiring harness, glass, trim, hook up all mechanicals, and get her newly rebuilt engine running. With just 17 test-miles, we left for South Bend.

After she made her debut at the 1988 SDC Meet in South Bend Indiana, I began getting inquiries about painting and building Studebakers for others. I started painting and rebuilding Studebakers for friends at home in 1989 (while still working full-time). I went to work for a friend that owned a body-shop in 1990. They did some restoration work, but only Bodywork. I was able to expand their services offered into other areas: engine rebuilds, suspension, electrical... and they in turn taught me alot more about bodywork, paints, materials, etc.. When the shop decided to close in 1994, I purchased alot of the equipment to start my own shop- Ray-Lin Restoration was born in April of 1994.

HISHAWK: 1988 SDC International Meet, South Bend Ind.- 1st place "Pleasure Class".

HERHAWK: Purchased in 1986 for my wife, and so that we would have a Studebaker to drive to our local NCSDC chapter meetings. It was a nice car, but starting to show it's age, poor paintjob and bodywork. Restoration was begun in 1991 and completed in fall 1993. If I was going to start restorations as a "business" I needed to prove my workmanship could compete on a National scale.

HerHawk: 1st place winner 1959-61 Hawks Original- 1994 SDC International Meet - Bloomington, Mn. 387/400 points

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