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The boat makes the trip to North Carolina

On November 10th 2005... My brother was able to haul the Commodore 6-hours south to my home in North Carolina. It was late afternoon when he arrived, so not many photos could be taken. After a brief inspection... I already started working on her...

I got out my 9' Buffer, wool pad, and 3M 5954 Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound. The hull was very oxidized, but the buffer made fairly quick work of it.

A few days later I had the chance to put her in the water with my friend Andy.... (it was November ya' know)

It started out as expected.... Click Here:   Engine test: Warming up the motor on high-idle

While cruising along enjoying the ride, the motor loses power, and I know it's something serious. I originally was mad at the previous owner- but I have learned it was nobody's fault. One of the VRO oil-lines had cracked at the fitting entering the carb. It starved #4 piston of oil.. and she melted the upper ring-lands.

It could have happened any time- even during the transport. I WAS somewhat surprised to find that the alarm didn't sound. They checked out OK per the manual.  Click here: Disaster strikes.... 

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